Why Choose Us?

Property managers, visiting customers, and the general public all value a property that is well kept. From repairs and resurfacing to complete parking lot reconstructions, Park Paving is here to help! We are well equipped to do it all with our state-of-the-art paving equipment and our 35 years of experience. No matter how big or small the job, we take pride in all the finest details from beginning to end. From excavating and removing existing asphalt to disposing all materials offsite after completion, Park Paving will always maintain quality workmanship and professionalism. All workmanship is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of completion. If you are looking for a reliable paving contractor with great reputation with our customers, then we are the one for you!

What Services Do We Offer?

  Complete Parking Lot Reconstruction
  Asphalt Repairs
  Installation of Precast Concrete Bumper Curbs
  Grading for Proper Water Drainage
  Line Markings
  Parking Lot Resurfacing / Overlay
  Catch Basin Repairs
  Installation of Steel Bollards
  Saw Cut Asphalt Repairs
  Parking Lot Additions
  Speed Bumps Installed
  Excavating / Haulage
  Pothole Repairs

Our Product Quality

Park Paving has over 35 years of experience, and with our experience comes our ability to follow a process to ensuring the best quality work for your commercial property. Our dedication towards the finest details makes our processes successful and our customer’s happy. Our commitment to honesty begins with Park Paving sharing their process with you!

We have a variety of services with commercial paving projects and Park Paving is here to do it all. We will excavate and remove existing asphalt from your property that needs full reconstruction. Alternatively, we can also excavate and remove dirt and grass and then supply gravel. Secondly, we will supply additional crush stone for fine grading. Once this is complete, our team here at Park Paving will inspect all existing catch-basin/manholes and adjust the level using pre-cast concrete MODULOC rings.

Fourthly, we will proof roll base with heavy-duty rollers until proper compaction is achieved. Moreover, we will then supply and install commercial mix asphalt. Lastly, we can provide an SS1 emulsion tack coat designed to create a strong adhesive bond without slippage. If required, we can also provide parking lines and stencilling where new paving has been installed and remove and reinstall parking lot curbs. Park Paving will leave your property more clean than when they arrived using a power sweeper to haul debris away and dispose all materials offsite.

Choose PARK PAVING LTD. as your asphalt paving contractor! Call us at (905) 433-1881